Need Help Raising Funds?

Need Help Raising Funds?

Sell our produce to raise money for your organization

Does your sports team need new uniforms? Are you eager to go on a school field trip? We can help. Idaho Fresh Fruit allows organizations to sell produce and keep a portion of the profits.

Whether your band needs money to travel, your school needs money for extra school supplies or you want to donate to a local cause, we can assist you in raising funds. Sell our produce at school, work or anywhere out in public. We'll let you keep some of the proceeds so you can reach your financial goal.

Reach out to us right away to purchase produce for fundraising purposes.

Keep these fundraising tips in mind

Idaho Fresh Fruit helps organizations raise money for various purposes. When raising funds, remember to:

  • Form a list of potential donors or buyers
  • Set a specific fundraising goal and chart your progress
  • Send handwritten letters
  • Use face-to-face interactions to your advantage
  • Follow up on potential buyers or donors
  • Send thank-you notes

These tips will improve your fundraiser's effectiveness and help you reach your fundraising goals. Reach out to Idaho Fresh Fruit today.